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written by P Noah. on May 27, 2022

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$1 right now is equivalent to N600

So, let's do some calculations.

$100 = N60,000

$500 = N300,000

How about an online business that pays you in dollars repeatedly?

Maybe an extra source of income.

Would you be interested?

Hey, I'm Prosper Noah

You see, I've got an online business blog where I share latest strategies that work for me when it comes to earning online in Nigeria

Now here's the thing;

Once in a while I get emails from my subscribers who consume my content on a regular basis and who want me to advise them on what online business to do.

I get those kinds of mails almost everyday.

And the last ones If I could remember well, were from those who are looking for a very profitable online business that they can start that won’t take a lot of their time and something they can do with their smartphone.

Plus this time around, you DON'T even need to sell anything.

Yes, with this business model I’m about to reveal to you

If you are in my list too, you should know by now that I know about many delicious business opportunities.

If I were to recommend a profitable business for a complete beginner who does not even know how to sell​ and has a startup capital of not more than N30,000 I would recommend CPA marketing.


The task is really simple, CPA stands for Cost Per Action and all you need do is get people to take a specific action

E.g Get someone to view an offer and the owner of that offer will pay you a commission usually around $30 and $50 per person to just click on, or view the offer.

The person doesn’t even need to buy anything before you get credited UNLIKE affiliate marketing.

They could just fill a short form or perform an action such as submitting their name, email address and phone number, etc.. and you will get paid per Lead.

Yes, we call it LEAD instead of SALE.

Sounds cool right?

But the catch is this, you have to know what you are doing…

The good news is…

You too can do this

Imagine making even if it's $30 per lead and you can only get 10 people to take action on an offer in one whole month?

That's a cool $300 right into your pocket, now what if the commission is $50 and you are able to get the same 10 or even 20 people?

You do the math

Again, you can even do this with your smartphone.
Need more details to get started right away?

Then I have good news for you!

My friend and business partner Abdul (Top CPA Marketer in Nigeria) has created a free eBook to show you everything so you can now Discover How To Make $100 to $500 From CPA Marketing Using Your Smartphone.

You should be able to download and read the eBook within 5 minutes if you're interested.

WARNING: This is only available to the first 1,000 people.

Hurry up!

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Prosper Noah

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