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"Discover The Fastest, Most Powerful Method to Create
PayPal Account That Sends & Receives Payments in Nigeria and Also Withdraw to Your Bank Account..."  

"This Method is Very Fast, You Can Create Your Own PayPal Account EVEN with Your Mobile Phone within 5 Minutes or Less & Start Receiving Payments Immediately without Any Delay..."  

See Screenshots of my PayPal account receiving payments back then in 2017 when I cracked the Code.

I decided to create another brand new PayPal account in 2018 and below are screenshot of some payments received.

Here are more payments coming to my Account in 2019

Here are 3 other people who followed my method... 

What about Recent Payments?

Below are some payments I've received in 2020 to confirm that this is still working till date. 

Why am I showing you these testimonies and screenshots?

I am showing you these testimonies and screenshots for two major reasons:

Reason # 1 - To Show you that I am very experienced with this and I have REAL proven results to back it up.

Reason # 2 - To show you that you too can create a papal account that sends and receive payments right here in Nigeria  just like the people in the testimonials I showed you above.
I don't like unnecessary hype and am going to be 100% straight forward with you. 
Right now you may have no clue or you've probably been searching alot on Google and struggling to create a PayPal account that can receive payments right here in Nigeria and also withdraw to your bank account.. and believe me, I know how you feel right now.
You've tried a lot of tutorials and at the end of the day you realize it still doesn't work. 
I don't know about you, but I personally won't follow those strategies, I'll rather follow someone who's achieved what am looking to achieve and allow them mentor me so I can get the same results. Why? Because I followed all of those tutorials on Google and YouTube too and they didn't work for me. 
Does it Sound Like YOU
All of those tutorials you see on google all told you after following it and creating your account you'll be able to start receiving payments but at the end of the day you discover you've been misguided and the methods didn't work... but despite everything you didn't give up on yourself.
Listen, every Nigerian that is now receiving payments to their paypal account were once like you; even me too have gone through this exact same struggle when I started online in 2017 and was doing some online surveys, Fiverr, affiliate marketing etc.. and needed to receive my earnings but didn't have a PayPal account that could receive payments, I struggled alot.
So believe me, I get it. I get how you feel right now and I respect what you're feeling, and I just want to tell you one thing ...
You're Exactly the Kind of Person I want to Work With... 

"This is For YOU"

From the Desk of:
Prosper Noah
Dear Fellow Marketer,
Prosper Noah here... When I started on the Internet back then in 2017, I looked for several ways to make money and came across some online paid survey websites, get paid to view advert websites, watch videos, get paid to click sites like clixsense, neobux and earn to PayPal etc..
You should understand these stuffs right?
After spending a whole lot of time on those surveys, I discovered that the PayPal Account I created as a Nigerian is not allowed to receive payments

So, being a Nigerian I wasn’t able to receive the payments to my PayPal account.
The issue of not being able to receive my paypal payment in Nigeria baffled me a lot.
  • What if I started an online store how would I receive payments since PayPal is not allowed to receive in Nigeria
  • How about my Affiliate payments?
  • How about the money I earn from freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork? 
How will I be able to receive those payments? 
I needed it badly.
Things became even More Worse.
When I got fully to internet marketing 2 years later and I needed to receive my Payments from Affiliate Marketing Programs, CPA Networks, Payments from Abroad for Sponsored Adverts and lots more.
Almost all foreign programs require PayPal to receive payments here in Nigeria, I became more confused and discouraged.
Imagine spending lots of time and energy making some legit dollars from these companies and at the end of the day, you have no means of withdrawing your money.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t receive the payments and NOBODY could help.
I struggled FOR MONTHS trying to create a PayPal account that could receive payments here in Nigeria. I won't even tell you the amount of articles I read on Google or the amount of data I consumed watching YouTube videos. 
I started feeling like maybe Nigerians like myself can't make it in this online money making stuff... I wasn't sure if I should keep going or just give up the dream of making money online.... 
Perhaps you can relate to similar feelings?
I was making money, not much but something to say. 
BUT I was sick and tired of making money in dollars and not having a paypal account to use in receiving it. 
Then what I did next was I got pissed off. 

"So I started Making Researches"

I started researching, combining and trying different strategies that I know of and lots more. 
After alot of trial and error I was able to create one that sends and also receive payments..  I tested it by using it to receive payments from different networks and it worked.

I decide to confirm if the strategy worked really well, so I did something;
I followed the method to create another paypal account and yes, it worked again...
As at the time of writing this, I've created more than 5 - 30 paypal accounts  that receive payments both for myself and for others. 

After a lot of trial and error, I figured out how to successfully create a PayPal account here in Nigeria that can send and receive payments. 
Now I can receive my dollars through paypal anytime I want and also withdraw to my bank account easily.... 
In summary, I cracked the code finally.

"It's Simple and ... it WORKS!"

Now, It's Your Turn!

The goodnews is that; 
You don't need to waste your time on Google looking for solution anymore... you don't even need to crack your brain trying different things and making researches. 
I have compiled everything together and created a step-by-step guide eBook that will show you exactly how to create this paypal account and start receiving payments right here in Nigeria within 5 minutes.

Am about to hand over the exact procedure am using to you so that you can get started. 
All you need is your Android Mobile Phone or Computer and just about 5 minutes to create your own PayPal account that sends and receive. 

As soon as you get the eBook, you just follow the instructions and get your PayPal account setup and working. 
Introducing - The PayPal Creation eBook
(Step-by-Step eBook to Create Your Own PayPal Account That Sends and Receive Payments right here in Nigeria. 
Here Is What You Will Discover Inside The PayPal Creation eBook:
  • How to Create The PayPal Account Immediately (Creating this account is very easy and takes just 5 minutes or Less and you can start receiving payments immediately even without adding any Debit card) 
  • Verfiying your email address  
  • Adding and Confirming your Debit Card (I reveal the Nigerian Bank Cards that PayPal Accept all the time)  
  • How to Withdraw the money you receive into your PayPal to your Nigerian bank account.
  • A Powerful TIP to make sure your paypal account lasts without getting blocked. 
How Much Is The PayPal Creation eBook?

Let me ask you, how much do you
think this ebook is worth?
Before you answer that question, I want you to consider the value of what you will get from this eBook .
This eBook will save you a lot of headache. It will save you months of research of trying to come out with something that works.. 
Think about it, receiving your payments from foreign online sites or companies will be easier. Instead of running from those companies that list paypal as their withdrawal method, you'll no longer do so, you will able to work with all of them.
Not only that you will be able to start receiving payments to your paypal account and withdraw to your Nigerian bank account, but you will also be able to charge people to create accounts for them and make money for yourself once in a while.

I could easily charge N15,000 for the PayPal Creation eBook. Not only that, the value of the bonus is nearly N20,000 on its own.
But You Know what?
I want you to create your own PayPal account and start receiving payments as soon as possible so that you won't lose your earnings and I also understand the economy of the country right now. 
This is why I have decided to place the cost of The PayPal Creation eBook At A
Easy Price Of Just:
Just... N4,900 ONLY
With Just N4,900 only, you will be able to get access to The PayPal Creation eBook and when you follow the eBook, within 5 minutes or Less, you will be able to setup your PayPal Acount that Sends and Receive Payments and be up and running. 
But....Wait A Little Bit More!
That is Not All...
When you order for the PayPal Creation eBook at the price of N4,900, within the next 48 hours, I will also give you the below THREE SPECIAL BONUSES...

SPECIAL FREE BONUS #1:  Reseller Rights to The PayPal Creation eBook

Reseller Rights
means I'll give you the right to sell this eBook as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

You can sell it on your Facebook Timeline or Groups, WhatsApp, etc... and make some money for yourself from time to time. 
This Alone is worth N15,000. But You Get It Free
SPECIAL FREE BONUS #2:  Access To My Report "12+ Easy Ways To Make Money to Your Newly Created PayPal Account"

This is a report I created that will show you some easy side work that pays you fast through paypal and can be done online at your convenience without stress. 

With this you can start making money to your newly created paypal account as soon as possible. 

I could sell this material on its own for N5,000, but You will get this report FREE of CHARGE

SPECIAL FREE BONUS #3:  Access To My Done-For-You PayPal Service

This bonus is for ONLY those who are probably very busy or due to one reason or the other they can't do it themselves...
I'll setup the paypal account for them by myself.

I normally charge N10,000 for this service, but you'll get it FREE. 
To Further Sweeten this deal for YOU!

I want to ensure that you have no reason not to get yourself a copy of The PayPal Creation eBook, so I have decided to make it a no brainer for you by offering you another extra bonus below:
If you get yourself a copy of the PayPal Creation eBook, I am going to give you a 4 weeks coaching and support.

You will be able to ask me any questions and I'll answer you without charging you a single kobo extra.

TRUST ME: NO other online business coach will do this for you without charging you a retainer fee for this service. But you get it ABSOLUTELY for free.

So you see that you have ABSOLUTELY have no reason not to get yourself a copy of this PayPal Creation eBook right now.

So go take advantage RIGHT AWAY and get yours at the  price of just N4,900 only.

NOTE - I am absolutely so sure that the PayPal Creation eBook will help you get a PayPal Account  that Sends and Receive that I have decided to take all risk from you by giving you....

My 100% Extra-Sweet Moneyback Guarantee!
I am 100% confident that the PayPal Creation eBook will work for you, and I say…go ahead and get it.

I want you to use it, follow the instruction and setup your account and if does'nt receive payment I want you to simply send me an email  and I’ll REFUND 100% every single kobo you paid. All of it, No questions asked! + you get to keep all the bonuses. 

You see, I can make a Guarantee like this because I know the PayPal Creation eBook will work for you.

I have over 200 customers right now who purchased my PayPal creation eBook and are currently receiving payments, it will DEFINITELY work for you! It’s as simple as that.

So there you go... with a guarantee like the above, I have taken the ENTIRE risk off you and eliminated every excuse you may have not to get the PayPal Creation eBook. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

All you need now is to place your order for a copy of The PayPal Creation Package. by following the below instructions:

How To Order For The PayPal Creation eBook:

Payment Options
ATM Payment:

 Use your Nigerian ATM card to pay and instantly get the eBook:

Bank Payment:
STEP 1: Pay The Sum Of N4,900 into any branch Of the below bank details:
Bank Name - First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent
Account Number – 316-899-7013


Bank Name – United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent
Account Number – 212-440-3820
STEP 2: Once payment has been made, simply send the details of your payment to:
Kindly make sure the subject of the email reads: PayPal Creation eBook Payment
Details to be sent are:
-Your Full Name
- The Amount You Paid
- Teller No (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
- Date Of Payment
- Telephone Number
- Payee Name
Once I confirm your payment, I will send you your own copy of The PayPal Creation eBook In Soft Copy Via email download within 24hours.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

It's time and it's all up to YOU Now!

Don't delay, go order your own copy right away so you can get access.

Also, remember that the price will go up every week from now. Go place your order now, you no longer have any excuse.


Thank You
To Your Success!

Prosper Noah

Prosper Noah

(Your Online Business Coach)

P.S. You're just one click and a few minutes away from, from discovering exactly how I'm able to create a PayPal account here in Nigeria that sends and receives payment from all over the world...

P.P.S. Rememer the price is increasing, so don't sit on the fence for too long, you may miss the opportunity of the lowest possible price.

P.P.P.S. Also remember you're backed by my 100% money back guarantee, all it takes is one email, so all of the risk is completely on me. 

For More Information, Text or Whatsapp 09066407180

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