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From the Laptop of: Prosper Noah
Time: 10:18am
Dear Friend,
Do You Want to learn how I personally rank my Blogs on Google and Make 6 figures Monthly from Blogging?
You’re in the right place.
If you have never ranked on the #1 Page of Google before it means you are not getting any Organic Traffic.
But you want to discover 1 Little Secret that can pull lots of Google traffic to your blog, then this is the most Important page you’re going to visit this Year
If you read this short post till the end you will discover:
1: a silly mistake you’re making right now; without even knowing it that is PLAINLY telling Google not to send any traffic to you.
2: a totally little known trick you can use to make Google send you traffic on every post you publish, even if you publish the article TODAY
And to prove to you how powerful this is, I’m going to tell you a little story;
Few Weeks ago, I took the same thing you’re about to discover, showed it a friend of mine; Raphael (The guy to my left in the picture below)

And in just under few days, he used the technique and BOOM started pulling Organic (Google Traffic), real human traffic via SEO. See Screenshot below;

And in a few seconds, I will show you exactly how to pull it off.

But before I get into all that, it’s only fair to know who I am, especially if you are new to this page.

I am Prosper Noah, and I own this great SEO Blog: where I share high quality helpful SEO and Blogging Contents. (You can confirm that)

The very first time I started my blog back then in 2015 , I had little to no traffic…Infact I knew nothing about driving traffic via SEO/Rankings…

No matter what I did, I never got any traffic from Google.

I was Angry. Disappointed. Frustrated. Looking for traffic through Facebook Groups and the likes...At a point I even planned to quit blogging.

Here is where it gets really bad;

Since I had no traffic , obviously my AdSense remained at the usual $0.01 earnings for days…. Even Weeks…

Oh my beautiful adsense ads beautifying the layout of my awesome blog lol...

I thought to myself "but people are showing/uploading $1000 monthly Adsense screenshots and all that".

Mine remained at $0.01 for a long time…

It didn’t stop at that;

I barely received any sponsored posts emails ..

When I don’t even appear on Google Search to get some traffic , how would clients contact and pay me to advertise or submit sponsored posts?

I had no good rankings locally on Alexa anyway….. So I definitely shouldn’t expect any sponsored post requests from advertisers..

I could see other blogs' Alexa rank decreasing while mine kept on increasing...

Honestly I felt like quitting blogging and you won’t believe it…

I posted many of those "I want to quit blogging" posts on my Facebook timeline back then in 2016…. Lol.. that's what frustration costs..

Then one day, almost by mistake I discovered one thing that completely changed everything for me…

In a few seconds I will tell you everything about it.

But first, the amazing thing about this little ONE SECRET I will tell you about in a bit, is this; It works…

In just 30 days using this stuff I pulled in massive organic traffic from Google that resulted in 6 Figures in earnings….

I took this same stuff, showed about 3 people and they applied it step by step and started ranking and driving massive traffic from Google and banking as well….

Here is a screenshot of my earnings;

Google AdSense on the Blog – Made $243.83 (N86,000) 

Affiliate Programs Promoted on the Blog – Made $820+ (N288,000)

Here's That of my 3 Friends; 

And Now It's Your!

"I want to show you exactly how I pulled this off and exactly how you can pull it off yourself. .."

Forget about backlinks, they don't guarantee rankings

Don’t be deceived by Backlinks….
I believe that backlinks is the main reason why you are not ranking right now. It’s so alarming how people try to trick and brainwash you into believing that all you need in order to rank on Google page 1 is back links.
Backlinks is not a MUST to rank on Google Page #1… though it may be needed in the long run:
Don’t let anyone deceive you;
When I started my blog back then in October 2017 I had 0 backlinks to the domain it self.
Let’s say this domain is at the default DA1 PA1 and still yet I ranked almost all my articles on the Page 1 of Google within 1-2 Months.
0 back links, 0 shares etc….
Below is a Screenshot of 2 Live Articles all ranking #1 for their Keywords… In Month 1 without any backlink…

Glo Affiliate Progam – Ranked #1 Position with 0 Backlinks

Freelance writing jobs in Nigeria – 0 Backlinks, Ranked within 1 Month

2 friends who used this same Little Secret rank on the Page 1 of Google for their desired Keywords without BACKLINKS as well…most are even new blogs and domains.

See the screenshots below;

Below is a guest Post I wrote for that ranked #1 in two weeks later and started driving massive SEO traffic...

A guest post I wrote on my friend, Julia’s blog – 0 Backlinks, Ranked Page #1 within Few Weeks.

No Backlinks to that Post as of when written though she shared to Facebook…
And that’s it.

So Why Am I showing you these Testimonies and Results?
I showed you the above results and testimonies for two major reasons:

Reason # 1 - To Show you that I am very experienced with this and I have REAL proven results to back it up.

Reason # 2 - To show you that I don't have two heads neither do the others, you too can start ranking and banking, just like the people in the testimonials I showed above. 
Do You Want These Kind of Results?
I have something for you that will give you exactly this kind of results in 1-3 Months.
Just with the use of a few instructions, you can start bringing in traffic from Google that are ready to make you money through Google AdSense, Affiliate Programs you promote, Self product sales etc…

This ONE Secret will show you basically everything it takes ranging from;

  • The exact keywords you are suppose to target in your blog niche (Any Niche) and where to get those keywords from (They will be keywords that your competition don’t even know about;  so that means you can rank for them almost immediately and easily.)
  • The One Powerful TEMPLATE to write your blog post and where to Insert or use the Keywords you want to rank for (Many People write at Random and because of that, their articles get lost in CyberSpace forever) Avoid that silly mistake at all cost... 
  • What to do to make Google Index that Article within 5 Minutes and maximum 24 hours...   
  • How to Know What Position the keyword is ranking on Google to monitor and push it to the top.
  • How to stay on the top and retain your position on Google without getting pushed down by another blog targeting the same keyword you are targeting

    And Many More...

And No, I won’t show you this Secret for Free.

If you don’t like it, go and hit your head on the wall.

But if you will like to learn how to get keywords that are easy to rank, write your post easily and have it rank on the Page one of Google without struggling for backlinks, doing aggressive sharing to Facebook groups and pages.. etc.. then get the Keyword Ranking Beast Course now.

Introducing - The Keyword Ranking Beast
(Step-by-Step Guide to Rank Your Blog on Google Easily and Start Getting FREE Unlimited Traffic

This course “KEYWORD RANKING BEAST” is my all-time best invention and SECRET for Beginners to rank their blogs on Google.

Suitable for Blogger and WordPress Blogs

In a few Seconds you’re going to get my One and Only, Tested Ranking Course that when followed Correctly, will make you create and rank any blog on your own easily and fast.

And at the end of it all you should have little or no problems getting that so much desired SEO traffic even if you are a beginner, have Zero Knowledge on SEO.

But there’s a Warning;

This isn’t going to be some magical spell you cast and google start sending you traffic immediately. There’s never any magic when it comes to writing and ranking on Google like the others.

If you want super quick results like some plug and play system then sorry to say; you’d have to go check elsewhere.

In this course/training you’d only get what works and if you take action, there will be lots of positive results for sure.

But if you are the type that hates taking action, this easy-to-implement system will never, I repeat; will never  work for you.

Either you recognize I know my onions (Because I own this SEO blog) and can see the massive value in this, or you can’t.

It’s worked for 100’s of serious guys who took action, helped them start ranking and making money via SEO, real quick.

It's for you if you are ready to  take action in order to get amazing results..


Victor Omoregbe

When it comes to ranking your articles on search engine, then Prosper, is the “go to guy”. The “keyword ranking beast” course, without mincing words does exactly what it says. I have used it, and it is still working for me. So I highly recommend the KRB course for anyone with ranking issues.


Emmmanuel Ekanem

Prosper is someone I have been following for a long time.

I got the KRB and boom, it was worth it.

If you’re the type that needs a good Search Engine visibility, then this is for you.

If you don’t need to rank, please and please don’t buy it.

Prosper really know how to cut his onions well when it comes to ranking.

How Much Is The Keyword Ranking Beast?
Let me ask you, how much do you
think this course is worth?
Before you answer that question, I want you to consider the value of what you will get from this course... 
This will save you alot of money you are going to spend in running Ads from Facebook because you're literally going to start getting traffic from Google for free, you'll be turned into an SEO expert in no time so that you can go into any blogging niche and dominate it using free google traffic.
It will save you years of researching of trying to come up with something that works when it comes to ranking on Google...  I've spent years and thousands of dollars coming up with this.. you don't want to go the same route especially as a beginner...
I've done all the hardwork for you; just learn from me. 
Think about it ...
You no longer need to struggle to get traffic, no need to waste your precious time sharing to social media like facebook groups which will definitely get your domain banned...
Not only that you will be able to start ranking easily using what you learn in the keyword ranking beast... you'll be exposed to other areas of SEO.....  

I could easily charge N50,000 for this course, but I won't.  Even the bonuses I'm giving you along with it is worth N100,000 in value...
But I want you to get started and have no excuses, so am making this very affordable... for you to get started as soon as possible...
This is why I have decied to place the cost at an Affordable
price of just:
Just... N15,000 ONLY
With Just N15,000 only, you will be able to get access to the keyword ranking beast course and when you follow the instructions, you can start ranking your articles on google and getting massive traffic for free, and most importantly; start making money through sponsored posts, Google AdSense, Affiliate programs, your own products etc... 
And....That is Not All
I have some gifts for You...

When you order for the The Keyword Ranking Beast at the price of N15,000, within the next 48 hours, I will also give you the below TWO SPECIAL BONUSES...

SPECIAL FREE BONUS #1: 7+ Free Powerful Ranking Strategies

You’ll be getting your hands for FREE on my $100 Per Day with SEO PDF that contains 7 free powerful strategies that you can use to start driving traffic to your blog and see results immediately.

I mean IMMEDIATELY you will get traffic when you use this strategies.. and you don't even need to wait to rank on Page 1 first. 

Am giving you this to make sure that you have no excuse to start immediately...I want you to get results quickly. 

This Alone is worth N30,000. But You Get It Free
SPECIAL FREE BONUS #2: My SEO Freelance eBook


When I started blogging newly, I made a lot of cash offering SEO and Backlinks services but the amazing thing is I didn't do the work myself. 

I would charge a client $20 for a particular SEO related service maybe Backlinks, then I go to a secret SEO site and pay $1-$5 to get that done.... which means when it's done, I make $19 as profit. 

This is what I used to make consistent cash...I used to offer this service in Blogging Groups on Facebook back then.. 

So in this bonus eBook am going to reveal my secret site where I get SEO services from as low as $1 and offer that service up to $50-$100 to clients.  

This is all you need to start SEO freelancing on Places like Fiverr, SEOclerks, Upwork etc...

You can use this to make extra cash while applying the Keyword Ranking Beast to rank your blog.

I could sell this material on its own for N20,000 but You will get this report FREE of CHARGE


Juliana Princess Orji

I really like the e-book. I’ve always thought ranking on first page was a big deal until I found this. This is the first e-book I bought online and so far, it’s been worth it . I now rank first page.


Yusuf Bitrus

This course is the best I have ever purchased.

All my blogging effort was set a blaze and I got most of my recent articles to rank on first page of Google.

Buy it and you will never buy any other course.

Thanks prosper.

To Further Sweeten this deal for YOU!

I want to ensure that you have no reason not to get yourself a copy of The Keyword Ranking Beast course, so I have decided to make it a no brainer for you by offering you another extra bonus below:
If you get yourself a copy of this Course, I am going to give you a 4 weeks coaching and support.
You will be able to ask me any questions and I'll answer you without charging you a single kobo extra.
TRUST ME: NO other blogging coach will do this for you without charging you a retainer fee for this service. But you get it ABSOLUTELY for free.
As if That's not Enough..!
You'll also be getting access to the below bonus as well...

This is the real deal of blogging: MAKING MONEY with it. 
Now that you've started getting traffic using the keyword ranking beast course bit by bit, it's now time for you to convert that traffic to money! 

In this particular bonus I'll show you in a 1 on 1 Consultation Call,
How to Convert your traffic to Money and Exactly the 3 Methods I Personally use and How I  do it...(they include AdSense, Affiliate Programs and Selling Your Own Product using your Blog)

(I'll show you everything step by step how to do it in your niche) as well as setting up your email list on the blog etc... 

so that you can start making money from the blog like the Pros. 
This means you'll not only learn how to start getting traffic easily to your blog through ranking but also learn how to monetize or make money with that traffic.. (some people may get traffic and not know how to convert it to money)

This bonus alone is worth N50,000 because am showing you exactly what's working for me BUT you get it for FREE!..."

So you see that you have ABSOLUTELY have no reason not to get yourself a copy right now.

Go take advantage RIGHT AWAY and get yours at the  price of just N15,000 only.

NOTE - I am absolutely so sure that this course will help you get started, ranking your blog and making money and I have decided to take all risk from you by giving you....

My 100% Extra-Sweet Moneyback Guarantee!
I am 100% confident that this course will work for you, and I say…go ahead and get it.

I want you to use it, follow the instruction step by step and not skip anything for like 3 months  to really master it....if you don't start ranking, 
I want you to simply send me an email  and I’ll REFUND 100% every single kobo you paid. All of it, No questions asked! + you get to keep all the bonuses. 

However, here's my Refund Guarantee Conditions...

When you request a refund you must show that you actually applied the system and it did not work for you. 
I will then be happy to fully refund your fee. 

So there you go... with a guarantee like the above, I have taken the ENTIRE risk off you and eliminated every excuse you may have not to get this course . You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

All you need now is to place your order for a copy of The Course. by following the below instructions:

How To Order For The Course:
- For My Nigerian Friends: N15,000
Payment Options
ATM Payment:

 Use your Nigerian ATM card to pay and instantly get the Course:

Bank Payment:
STEP 1: Pay The Sum Of N15,000 into any branch Of the below bank details:
Bank Name - First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent 
Account Number – 316-899-7013


Bank Name – United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent
Account Number – 212-440-3820
STEP 2: Once payment has been made, simply send the details of your payment to:
Kindly make sure the subject of the email reads: Keyword Ranking Beast Course Payment 
Details to be sent are:
-Your Full Name
- The Amount You Paid
- Teller No (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
- Date Of Payment
- Telephone Number
- Payee Name
Once I confirm your payment, I will send you your own copy via email within 24hours
How To Order For The Course:
- For Other Countries - $38.88
Payment Options
Debit Card or PayPal:

 You Can Pay $38.88 with Your card or PayPal Account and instantly get the Course:

So What Are You Waiting For? 

It's time and it's all up to YOU Now!

Don't delay, go order your own copy right away so you can get access.

Also, remember that the price will go up every week from now. Go place your order now, you no longer have any excuse.


Thank You
To Your Success!

Prosper Noah

Prosper Noah

(Blogging Expert. & Coach)

P.S. You're just one click and a few minutes away from, from discovering exactly how I rank my blogs on Google and Make 6 figures blogging...

P.P.S. Rememer the price is increasing, so don't sit on the fence for too long, you may miss the opportunity of the lowest possible price.

P.P.P.S. Also remember you're backed by my 100% money back guarantee, all it takes is one email, so all of the risk is completely on me. 


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09066407180, 09021725182
Line open between 12pm - 5pm (Mon - Fri Only)
SMS: 24 Hours 

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