ATTENTION: Are you still struggling to make money with affiliate marketing?

"I built over 1,000 Nigerian email subscribers using 100% FREE advanced traffic..and turned them into easy N200k-N300k Per Month Consistently Promoting Affiliate Products"

"These are subscribers who are strictly interested in making money online....Then I promote make money online products to them and make money over and over again"
I can now make lots of money anytime I want by promoting different products as an affiliate marketer...
That's the passive income you hear people talk about online everyday. 
But before I go ahead to talk about this free traffic source and exactly what I did, I want to quickly show you some results and money I've been making from these email subscribers. 

Take a Look at the Results of some of my promotions; 

I Promoted 4-in-1package Course that was selling for N4,900 in April 2020, 74+ sales in 5 days (Resulted in N362,600).

That Same April I went ahead and promoted another course called "Fiverr Profits Booster" that was selling for N4,900 too... 17 sales made from April 11-16 promotion (Resulted in N83,300).

I Promoted WhatsApp Instant Marketing Course that was selling for N10,000 in June 2020..  15+ sales in only 4 days (Resulted in N150,000). 7 Paystack Orders and 8 Bank Transfers

And many more.....

Can You Now See how Powerful this is?

I could promote other helpful products to them whenever I like and make money continously... whether video training courses, eBooks, Income Programs, mlm, etc.. as far as it's a product proven to help them make money online...

To confirm that this stuff worked well, I did something... 
I decided to test the list in the international market too, so I signed up to an affiliate network called WarriorPlus....I promoted some warriorplus make money products and I made a lot of sales...up till this day I'm still promoting warriorplus products to this list and making money..
Below are some warriorplus products I've promoted and made sales, you can see 59 sales for 24 hour bux, 38 sales for 1 page profits, 29 sales for iPassive, etc... 
 ...As seen above, the last product  from warriorplus that I promoted to this list in April 2020 was a product called 24 hour bux, about 60 of my subscribers purchased it within 5 days.. 
See Earnings Notification Below, in total I made $484 from that Promotion alone equivalent to N174,000 in 5 days of promotion;  

All Done using Just FREE Traffic to build my List.. Without spending any money on Advertisement on Facebook, Google, Etc..

What I Did?

I did just something simple. 
1. I Created a squeeze page to give out a free eBook report like the one you see below;

2. I drove free traffic to that squeeze page. 

3. They entered their email and was added to my list and got the free report automatically, I had about 3 other emails that will be sent to them automatically to get them to know me, trust me and like me (this warms them up so that whenever I recommend a product to them they can buy)

Once that's done. 
4. I promote helpful make money online products to them and make money.  

I even promote to them warriorplus make money online products, expertnaire products, local joint venture etc... 

But I always make sure its a product that will truly help them, I don't just promote to make money...I'm after their best interest, to give them results... 

Just Incase you don't know, the local joint venture I mean is when you partner with maybe a friend who has a product and then he creates a special paystack page where you can send traffic to and you earn commission, paystack tracks the commission, then at the end of promotion, whatever you make , he'll send it to you... 

Its just like being an affiliate for the product;
Sometimes when I didn't want to promote warriorplus products, it's what I do. 

Below are a few of them; 
Case Studies, Number of Sales, etc. 
A fellow internet marketing friend of mine, John Annavi created a course called "4-in-1 Package, it teaches 4 different guaranteed ways to make money online in Nigeria, then he contacted me, I saw the course was very detailed, so we agreed I'll promote it to my list and be paid N3,000 per sale as commission, so he created a special sales page. 
We sold the course at N4,900
I promoted it to my Nigerian List and 80 people in total purchased it in the course of 5 days of promotion, which in total N4,900 * 80 = N392,000... I was paid 3,000 per sale, so at the end of the 5 days promotion, he paid me N3000 * 80 = N240,000 out of the N392k. 
I did same for Osaaze Kelvin's product called Fiverr-Profits-Booster  made just 17 sales in around 4 days (didn't spend much time on the promotion). 

Did same for Joe Okoro's WhatsApp-Instant-Marketing Course, a 14 days coaching which teaches how to make money using WhatsApp,  it was selling at N10,000 - at the end of promotion, 14 sales was done in total.... resulted in N140,000.
We agreed on 50% commission, so I was paid half of it. 
As said earlier, I promote a lot of other products including from warriorplus, my own products, etc.. to this list and make money whenever I want, it's now become a passive income stuff....

In Summary;

So in summary of what I did; 

1. Built a Targeted 1,000 Email list of Nigerians using Free Traffic (I didn't spend any money on Ads) 
1. Sent like 3 emails automatically to build relationship with them so they can get to know me, trust me and like me... and also be ready to get whatever I recommend...

3. Promoted good products that will help them make money online and I can get these products from WarriorPlus, or Expertnaire, or Partner with any Top Marketer to create a Paystack Page, or my own personal products, etc...
As far as it's a product that'll help them make money.
Simple as That. 
The more the traffic keeps coming, the more my subscribers list keep increasing, the more money I make...
I can Teach You Exactly How To Do This Too!
I showed you the above results and screenshots for two major reasons:

Reason # 1 - To Show you that I am very experienced with this and I have REAL proven results to back it up.

Reason # 2 - To show you that I don't have two heads, you too can start getting results like this, even if it's half of it for a start is not bad.. Or is it?
I don't like unnecessary hype and am going to be 100% straight forward with you. 
Right now you may have no clue or you've probably been doing affiliate marketing for a long time now and have been struggling....
you're not making sales, and believe me, I was once like you, so I understand how you feel right now...
Maybe you've purchased lots of courses to help you make money online, and at the end you discover they didn't work, it's either you get stucked in one area and the creator stopped repplying you... or you discovered it wasn't designed for beginners..., etc..
Am I right? Does that sound like YOU
Am happy for you; 
After going through all of those hassles, you still decided to check this page looking for a solution, you didn't give up on yourself.... 
I love your kind of people, they don't give up, and it's exactly the type I want to work with...
and I just want to tell you one thing ... 
You're Exactly in the Right Place... 

"Congrats for Arriving at This Page"

From the Desk of:
Prosper Noah
Dear Friend,
Prosper Noah here... I started my online business journey in 2017 .
and trust me, it wasn't always like this, I didn't start making money immediately.
Just like every other person who has becomed very good in what they do, I've gone through stuffs, I mean REAL, I faced alot of difficulties.... ventured into different online business models ranging from Blogging, Fiverr, Selling Informational Products like eBooks, CPA Marketing, Dropshipping, Mini Importation, and the rest you may know of ...
I jumped from one business model to another ...
all in the pursuit of making money online... especially then that I quit my Cyber Cafe Job that was paying me around N17,000 per month...
Believe me, results were not coming as expected... though I made some small change but I know I couldn't depend on the little I was earning....

"But I didn't Give Up ..."

LONG STORY CUT SHORT, after trying different models, buying different courses, making my own research, failing and rising, I finally cracked the code...
I mastered different different online business models and one of them is affiliate marketing... 
  • I learn't how to drive traffic using free methods
  • then I looked for a way to use that free traffic method to build an email list
  • and then I built some relationship with the subscribers and started promoting products....

At first, I didn't make much sales because the list was still small...

but what I was now earning made sense...

I mean like real sense...

My free traffic was coming... the list kept growing, up till 1,000+ subscribers...

Then I added other free traffic methods and now it's gone up to over 3,000 subscribers.... 

So I can pretty much promote any product and make lots of sales...

As at the time of writing this, that list has grown to over 3,000 Subscribers just using free traffic...  


So I can pretty much promote any online money making related product and make lots of sales...

It's Your Turn Now!

"There's GoodNews! ... For YOU!"

The goodnews is that; 
You don't need to waste time jumping from one online business to the other, or making research, trial and error, spending lots of money to buy courses, etc...
I have done all of that hardwork for you already.. 
Everything I used to make success, you can learn from me...
So I've gone ahead and compiled everything into a very practical Video Course...
and believe me, this stuff is real simple, unlike every other course you've ever gotten's straight to the point... 
  • Just use the free traffic methods I'm personally using to build your own list 
  • and start promoting products...

Am about to hand over the exact procedure am using to you so that you can get started, along with all the materials you need...  
And Yes, FREE Traffic, you're not going to spend any money on ads...
If you can follow instructions and do what I ask you to do then, you won't have problems...
Introducing - Free Traffic Beast
(Step-by-Step Video Training to Teach You How to Build a Targeted Nigerian MMO (Make Money Online) Email Subscribes List Using Deep 100% FREE Traffic Method and Converting them to easy N100k-N300k 
Here Is What You're Getting In The Course:
  • Getting Started with Setting Up Your Email List, Creating Your Squeeze Page in Less than 20 Minutes & how and where to get a free eBook to offer, plus other basic stuffs.. 
  • Step by Step Video Tutorial Revealing the EXACT Free Traffic Source and How to use it to build your List... (Am showing you exactly my deepest No. 1 secret how I use this to build my list)
  • 4 already-written relationship building email series that you can copy and paste to build relationship, trust and like by your newly acquired subscribers so they can get to know you and prepare them to buy what you promote..   
  • How to find products to promote to them even if you have no products of your own (I'll show you several ways and where to get partnership on products to promote) (In fact, I won't just show you ways, I'll show you exactly how I do it myself plus, you'll also get to see how I promote warriorplus products to these Nigerian email subscribers)
  • How to write high converting emails to Promote these products.. (These kind of emails will convince your subscribers to buy what you're promoting) (And to make you get even really, really great results I'll include a zip file that contains ALL the emails I sent and made lots of sales for a particular product, you'll get for 6 products I promoted... so that you can model them and see how I write my emails and make sales easily)!

    And Many More...
How Much Is This Going For?

Let me ask you, how much do you
think this course is worth?
Before you answer that question, I want you to consider the quality of the training, the secret tactics and the potential income you stand to earn after implementing the strategies in this course.
This will save you alot of money, because you're literally going to be using free traffic, you'll be turned into a free traffic expert. It will save you months of researching of trying to come up with something that works... 
Think about it ...
You no longer need to wait till you get money to run ads before you start your affiliate marketing journey any more.... 
Not only that you will be able to start making money promoting products... you'll be exposed to proven traffic methods that you can use to sell almost anything you want... 

I could easily charge N30,000 for this course, but I won't.  Even the bonuses I'm giving you along with it is worth N50,000 in value...

But I want you to get started and have no excuses, so am making this very affordable... for you to get started as soon as possible...
This is why I have decided to place the cost at an Affordable
price of just N20,000:
However, there's a limited time offer right now so you can get it at a discount, valid for a very short time. 
Just... N15,000 ONLY - Limited Time Offer
With Just N15,000 only for a limited time, you will be able to get access to the Free Traffic Beast course and when you follow the instructions, you can start building your Nigerian email list for free, promoting products and making money .... 
But....That is Not All
I have some gifts for You...
When you order for the This Course at the price of N15,000, within the next 48 hours, I will also give you the below THREE SPECIAL BONUSES...

SPECIAL FREE BONUS #1:  Autoresponder for Free for 2 Months

I'll reveal a secret autoresponder and show you how to get access to it for 2 months for free so you can use it to start emailing your subscribers.

Am giving you this to make sure that you have no excuse to start immediately...I want you to get results...
This Alone is worth N15,000. But You Get It Free
SPECIAL FREE BONUS #2:  Access To Premium Page Builder"

Like I promised earlier, I said I'll be giving you all materials you need to succeed...

So as second bonus, I'll give you access to the Premium Page builder I use, (You're going to use this to to build your squeeze page where you will be driving your free traffic to)  

This page builder costs N29,935, but you will get it FREE of CHARGE 

SPECIAL FREE BONUS #3:  Access To My Library of Emails Swipes

You'll get access to my Email Swipes which includes the emails and followups of some make money online products I've promoted in the past that made lots of sales, so you can model for your own promos too. with this, you can get the idea of what emails to write for every make money online product you want to promote..
You don't have to struggle, just study my own emails
I'm not suppose to reveal this for FREE, I could charge up to N50k for this, but it's yours for FREE. 
To Further Sweeten this deal for YOU!

I want to ensure that you have no reason not to get yourself a copy of This Course, so I have decided to make it a no brainer for you by offering you another extra bonus below:
If you get yourself a copy of this Course, I am going to give you a 4 weeks coaching and support.
You will be able to ask me any questions and I'll answer you without charging you a single kobo extra.
TRUST ME: NO other online business coach will do this for you without charging you a retainer fee for this service. But you get it ABSOLUTELY for free.

So you see that you have ABSOLUTELY have no reason not to get yourself a copy right now.

So go take advantage RIGHT AWAY and get yours at the  price of just N15,000 only.

NOTE - I am absolutely so sure that this course will help you get started building your Nigerian email list using Free Traffic and I have decided to take all risk from you by giving you....

My 100% Extra-Sweet Moneyback Guarantee!
I am 100% confident that this course will work for you, and I say…go ahead and get it.

I want you to use it, follow the instruction step by step and not skip anything for like 3 months  to really master it....if you don't start getting subscribers, promoting products and making money, I want you to simply send me an email  and I’ll REFUND 100% every single kobo you paid. All of it, No questions asked! + you get to keep all the bonuses. 

However, here's my Refund Guarantee Conditions...

When you request a refund you must show that you actually applied the system and it did not work for you. I will then be happy to fully refund your fee. 

So there you go... with a guarantee like the above, I have taken the ENTIRE risk off you and eliminated every excuse you may have not to get the Free Traffic Beast. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

All you need now is to place your order for a copy of The Course. by following the below instructions:

How To Order For The Free Traffic Beast Course:
Payment Options
ATM Payment:

 Use your Nigerian ATM card to pay and instantly get the Course:

Bank Payment:
STEP 1: Pay The Sum Of N15,000 into any branch Of the below bank details:
Bank Name - First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent
Account Number – 316-899-7013


Bank Name – United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name – Prosper Noah Innocent
Account Number – 212-440-3820
STEP 2: Once payment has been made, simply send the details of your payment to:
Kindly make sure the subject of the email reads: Free Traffic Beast Course Payment. 
Details to be sent are:
-Your Full Name
- The Amount You Paid
- Teller No (No need for this if you paid via internet banking)
- Date Of Payment
- Telephone Number
- Payee Name
Once I confirm your payment, I will send you your own copy via email within 24hours.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

It's time and it's all up to YOU Now!

Don't delay, go order your own copy right away so you can get access.

Also, remember that the price will go up every week from now. Go place your order now, you no longer have any excuse.


Thank You
To Your Success!

Prosper Noah

Prosper Noah

(Your Online Business Coach)


P.S. You're just one click and a few minutes away from discovering EXACTLY how I'm able to build highly targeted Nigerian email subscribers for 100% free using deep advanced methods, no spending any money on ads... and these subscribers make me  money anywhere between N100k-200k per promo, this could be in a week, sometimes less than a month et... 

P.P.S. Rememer the price is increasing, so don't sit on the fence for too long, you may miss the opportunity of the lowest possible price.

P.P.P.S. Also remember you're backed by my 100% money back guarantee, all it takes is one email, so all of the risk is completely on me. 


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Line open between 12pm - 5pm (Mon - Fri Only)
SMS: 24 Hours 

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